Tamko H30 Architectural

Old English Pewter
Desert Sand
Weathered Wood
Oxford Grey
Rustic Cedar
Shadow Grey
Rustic Hickory
Rustic Black
Rustic Evergreen

America Natural Colors
TAMKO's most dramatic color palette, these contemporary blends showcase nature’s most
vibrant hues. Capture the majesty of rugged mountains, the golden brilliance of the harvest or the changing greys of a summer thunderstorm. These bold shades give your roof a look of natural
beauty and distinction.

Black Walnut
Thunderstorm Grey
Natural Timber

Note from TAMKO:  Printed reproduction of shingle colors is as accurate as modern printing will permit.  Because of their size, attached shingle samples cannot accurately depict the color, clarity, and variations of our actual blends.


Please refer to TAMKO's official website for more information.

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