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TAMKO Building Products has been providing a full line of the finest roofing products since 1944. The Company was originally named after the five states they saw to be their biggest areas of distribution: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Overtime, however, they have grown to be one of the nation’s largest roofing product manufactures. Of TAMKO’s extensive line of Roofing Products, McDavid Roofing Inc specializes in the installation of Algae-Resistant Fiberglass Shingles as well as Awaplan Modified Bitumen Roofing Products. 



Certainteed has been producing quality roofing products since 1904. Certainteed uses the highest quality of materials to ensure superiority in their roofing products. McDavid Roofing Inc is a Respected Member of the Professional Roofer Advisory Council for Certainteed. McDavid Roofing Inc offers the following Certainteed Roofing Products: XT25 (Three-Tab), XT30 (Three-Tab) and Landmark (Architectural).




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